Mona received her 200 HR teacher training certificate from Hot Yoga Naperville. She enjoys Bikram, Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga while being an Aerospace Engineering undergraduate student at UIUC. Four years ago, Mona discovered the power of Hot Vinyasa yoga for mind and body in a local studio after practicing for two years. Now, she teaches yoga in the studio, on campus and on her social media. She believes anybody has the power to do yoga, which in essence is all about integrating the mind and body and spirit.

Before she moved to Urbana, Mona lived in Naperville for six years. Prior to that, she lived in Wuxi, China and studied in an international school. Because of her experience in China, Mona has a fascination with ancient eastern philosophy and culture, having had to study ancient texts and create Chinese calligraphy during her grade school years. In university, Mona is a founder of a sustainable fashion startup and a member of the Astronomical Society. Her mission is to help people expand their potential by elucidating a balanced combination of meditation and asana.


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