Rachel Joy is a compassionate and intuitive RYT-200 who has been a practitioner of yoga for over 10 years. Her yoga journey began as a means to find healing and connection, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Since then, yoga has profoundly transformed Rachel’s life, deepening her understanding of the subtle energetic body and our inextricable Oneness with all that is. Rachel is also a Reiki practitioner in the Mikao Usui lineage. She subscribes deeply to the practice of bhakti (devotional) yoga and often incorporates in her teaching and practice pranayama (yogic breathing), meditation, as well as the nourishing practice of yin yoga. Rachel holds space for others to transition from “doing” to “being.” In classes, Rachel tries to provide as much support and healing love for her students as possible, and encourages them on their own unique path. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti!


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