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COVID-19 Precautions, Policies & Protocol

A pod is a sanctuary.

To provide a safe sanctuary in which we can practice yoga together, we have taken nature’s example and created LYC Practice Pods.

LYC Practice Pods are:

The same eight members (peas) practicing with their teacher for five or seven weeks (pod).

Please explore our LYC Practice Pod offerings and choose those which meet your needs.

Advance on-line registration and payment for the pods will make sign-in and class card handling unnecessary.

…all you do is arrive with your mat, remove your shoes, cleanse your hands, walk into the sanctuary, choose your props, and select one of the eight predesignated spaces. After your pod practice, leave all the studio props on top of the studio mat on which you have just practiced and take your mat.

The sanctuary of the Living Yoga Center accommodates a maximum of 8 students and their teacher/s per practice with 6+ ft social distancing.

Our inclusive nature and handicapped accessible building provide a safe sanctuary for all.

LYC Practice Pod policies are:

Facemasks are to be worn at all times while inside Living Yoga Center.

  • Please come to practice only if you are feeling well; not sick or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19
  • Please come to practice only if you have not traveled from outside our community
  • Please come to practice if you are, at minimum, following the current guidance of the CDC and C-U Public Health District
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly or use hand sanitizer upon entering practice area
  • Please dispose of all tissues, paper towels, and paper cups properly
  • Please honor social distancing in our common areas

Studio Protocol:

  • Student and teacher mat placement for social distancing is designated by the grey studio mats adhered to the floor
  • Mats/props will be offered for one time use only
  • All used studio props are to be left on the studio mat
  • Mats, blocks, straps, disks, and bolsters will be cleaned chemically
  • Blankets will be washed
  • If you have your own mat and props, we welcome you to bring them when you practice
  • Students’ mats and props will not be stored at LYC at this time

We are also using UV light for prop and interior space/air cleaning.

We truly look forward to welcoming you to the studio and are most grateful for your support as we all navigate these challenging times.

The continuation of the Living Yoga Center will be successful because of your participation.  Please contact us, Steve and Sharon, at or by phone at 217-351-8359 with questions or suggestions.