Sunday, October 1, 2017, 1-3:30 pm

vishuddha_lg Sunday, October 1, 20171-3:30 pm

The Living Yoga Center
212 South First Street
Champaign IL


Playing with radical authenticity thru sound, song, empathy, and Asana.

Explore and expand your throat chakra ~Vishuddha~

An experiential workshop with Lyndsey Scott

The throat chakra, houses your power to epress your life essence confidently, clearly, honestly. Let’s welcome home all of our inner voices, to make ugly raw noises, to find wild new music, to tell the truth. To not have to get “it” right. To listen. To activate vision.

Together we’ll explore call & response song, traditional mantra, experimental toning, compassionate communication practice, as well as a potent throat-opening yoga practice.

Come ready risk, goof, open, and be beloved *just as you are*

Email to pre-register by 9/29