My name is Wamaitha Sullivan, a native of Kenya with a passion for learning, giving, being, and teaching.  I started yoga for my “knees”, “joints”, and “neck and shoulder pain” 4 years ago and instantly realized that this is what I wanted to do every day and forever.

To learn more about yoga, I entered a yoga teacher training class and completed the training in May, 2018.

I am a family nurse practitioner, a teacher, and a community volunteer with a passion to improve my clinical practice by helping my patients and friends move regardless of the health status. 

Finding yoga has calmed my mind, cleared my focus, enhanced my outlook on life that “nothing is permanent” and given me a positive outlook on life.  I can see clearly the long journey I have taken for my wellness and I would like to expose other people to this goodness.

I love gentle yoga, meditation, pranayama (breathing) and the wide variety and diversity of yoga asanas (poses).

My goal is to bring yoga to my friends and the community with a focus on the minority population of Champaign County and beyond!  I want to remove barriers to physical activity by introducing yoga that will fit into all ages and ability of the practitioner.

My absolute gratitude goes to my family and supporters at The Living Yoga Center for supporting me in my health and yoga wellness.



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