Asher has been a life long explorer and mover when it comes to her body. She grew up dancing and tumbling around whatever her environment was. In her last year of High school, Yoga asana came into her life first as another avenue to explore her body and new ways it can move. It quickly turned into much more than that as it became a safe haven in her first years of college, and a place to not only explore her body physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.

In 2017 she completed her 200 hour vinyasa yoga teacher training and shortly after realized how deep this passion was embedded. She shortly began teaching almost full time, committing most of her days to practicing and sharing this life changing information with her community.

Although she has only been certified in vinyasa yoga, she apprenticed with both Iyengar and ashtanga teachers and has experienced teaching such style classes.

Asher’s favorite thing about her practice is to witness how with each cycle in her life, her practice changes and morphs accordingly. It helps her trust that the practice will truly stay with her and continue to teach her as life goes on. Asher loves to share her practice by teaching in the way that her practice most deeply resonates with her at the current time. She trusts that her students will be able to share the beauty of her practice and that it will guide them into their own understanding of yoga.


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