Tami Mor is a doula and a yoga teacher. Tami holds the Sivananda Montreal Yoga Center’s certificate. Sivananda yoga style is a traditional method emphasize on relaxation and deep breathing through a set of balanced sequences of asanas. She started practicing yoga while pregnant with her son in 1997 and remembers it as a wonderful gift. She began teaching yoga in 2006.Tami completed doula studies in Israel in a yearlong advanced holistic program. Tami also attended DONA international’s doula certificate course and is a DONA certified doula.Being a yogi doula, who is present at births make the practical and accurate connection between yoga and birth-you will get two benefits in one from every minute in class. It is not only practicing yoga, but simultaneously practicing birth.Tami found out that not only does yoga prepare you for childbirth, but that, in fact, they are inseparable- and so she conceived the insight: yoga is birth and birth is yoga-they are one. From this insight, she created and developed a unique and invigorating prenatal yoga program.

Her prenatal yoga classes include examples from births, tips and advice. The classes prepare you for the journey of childbirth – from both knowledge base and holistic body-mind-spirit perspective.

Tami also practices Ayurvedic massage (traditional Indian technique) which is a purifying, nourishing, relaxing and brings body, mind and spirit harmony.

For more information about Sivananda Yoga visit sivananda.org.  You may contact Tami at Tami@tamiidoulayogi.com or view her website at TamiiDoulaYogi.com.


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