In 2011, having graduated from a French school, Andrea came to Chicago from El Salvador. She came to the US to learn how to speak English fluently. As a double major at Columbia College Chicago, Andrea earned two BA’s, one in Business Entrepreneurship and the other in Dance. While attending college, Andrea worked at the dance center of Columbia College Chicago and  performed in several shows.

Andrea assisted Dr. Citlali López-Ortiz for two years with her research at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. There, she found her passion for movement, teaching and sharing her love for dance.

After her trip from Europe in 2016, Andrea started to practice Yoga. Her grandmother had sent her a Yoga book that she drew and colored in for her. Andrea’s favorite part of Yoga is self-discovery. She enjoys practicing and she always has an open mind to discover new styles. In 2017, she completed  the one year yoga program  and decided to embark on a journey to Asia. She danced with Ground Rhythm Dance Project and has taught classes and presented work in El Salvador, United States, and is excited to share her love for movement across the world.

She is currently a graduate student in the Kinesiology Department where she works at and with the Neuroscience of Dance and Health and Disability Laboratory.


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