Class Descriptions

Intro To YogaThis course introduces the fundamentals of Hatha yoga, the most widely practiced form of yoga in the United States.  Hatha yoga uses postures (asana), breath awareness, and relaxation techniques to produce a healthy physical body and a clear, peaceful mind.  Pre-registration is not required and all equipment is provided.

Hatha–A deeper focus on the “ha” (solar) and “tha” (lunar) aspects of the practice are explored through more challenging asana and the integration of breathing (pranayama) and relaxation techniques.

GentleThis gentle class eases you into yoga at your own pace.  Poses are modified to meet the needs of the participants.  Compassion is our guiding principle as we focus on increasing one’s range of motion, flexibility, and strength, while developing inner peacefulness and acceptance of ourselves.

FlowA stimulating and creative practice that focuses on integrating strength, flexibility, alignment, and awareness through a dynamic sequence of asana linked by the breath.

Prenatal—Prepare your mind and body for birth. Experience how yoga can support you during your pregnancy with simple and effective exercises specifically geared to the needs of a changing body. Increase relaxation, energy and stamina, build strength and flexibility, and improve focus and concentration through this gentle yet empowering practice. No previous yoga experience required. NOTE: Before attending classes, contact your physician/midwife to ensure there are no health issues to prevent you from practicing yoga.

RestorativeRestorative yoga helps to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system and is responsible for balancing the body and bringing its response system back into equilibrium. It also helps to lower heart rate and blood pressure, stimulate the immune system, and keep the endocrine system operating efficiently and is beneficial for overall body health.  Poses are held for up to 10 minutes with the support of various props, such as bolsters, blankets, blocks, sandbags, and straps. 

Partner YogaA partner in a yoga practice reminds us we live in a shared world. Practicing with a partner—breathing together, assisting and supporting one another—is a playful journey that connects us in the present moment. Attend with or without a partner, bring a sense of humor, and an open heart and mind. No yoga experience required.

SivanandaThis meditative yoga practice emphasizes deep relaxation and deep breathing by moving in a slow pace systematically through a sequence of asana that follow the central energy in the body.

SatsangSatsang is a Sanskrit word that means “gathering together for the truth”.  It is the spiritual practice of coming together to chant, meditate, or study classic yogic teachings as well as the practice of sharing wisdom with one another.  Offered twice a month, Satsung is a donation-based gathering (pay what you feel is right for you) sponsored by heartsopening and is open to the entire community.

Mindful MeditationPresent moment awareness can be elusive and we often find ourselves distracted or lost in thought. Through the training and practice of mindful meditation we can discover a calm amidst our to-do lists and more fully appreciate the gift of each day.  Mindful Meditation is a donation-based gathering (pay what you feel is right for you) sponsored by heartsopening and is open to the entire community.

Yoga GivesRejuvenate the spirit, invigorate the mind and strengthen the body, but most of all, open our hearts through this donation-based Hatha practice. Each month a local NPO will be given the collected donations (a minimum of $5.00 per class is suggested).

Open StudioThe studio will be open for use by the LYC community for individual practices without cost.