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I’ve been in love with yoga and meditation since I was 16 years old. There are tons of reasons to love yoga. Some of my top reasons today for loving yoga are:

I love the peace I get from having yoga in my life!

I love the power yoga gives me to work on myself and to change my reactions to things!

I love that yoga is age defying!

I love that yoga is available anywhere – anytime!

I love that yoga is a part of me!

I love that yoga is a practice – not a perfect!

I’m sure that tomorrow I’ll have other top reasons to love yoga. I am a certified Vinyasa Flow teacher and a certified Bikram Yoga teacher. Yogis of all abilities are always welcome in my classes. It is my intention to make yoga safe and rewarding for all students. I am grateful beyond words to have the opportunity to teach at Living Yoga Center.


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