Sunday, October 9th 1– 3 p.m.

Got Your Back

A Yoga Workshop for Healing and Preventing Back Pain



The Living Yoga Center
212 South First Street
Champaign IL


In this workshop Maggie Taylor will teach basic anatomy of the spine, safe movement for your back, how to stand and sit with good posture, how to use props, and how to practice yoga techniques to help alleviate back pain. Appropriate for anyone wanting to maintain the health of his/her back.

Maggie Taylor has been teaching yoga for ten years. She leads classes with integrity, humor and heart. In 2013, Maggie was diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis. In spring of 2014, she had back surgery (two- level spinal fusion). Yoga has been an important resource during her healing process. She’s eager to share it with others suffering back pain/injuries.

*If you have a serious injury please get your doctor’s approval before enrolling in this workshop.

$30/$25 early bird by October 2nd